Loving Your Life
Art Is The Cry Of The Soul

1. Opening: Mindful Moment

Get inspiration here (PDF link)

2. Inspiration

“Ah, to paint from your heart. Every idea has validity. No matter what, keep track of your ideas. Journal and sketch so they are there waiting for you when you're ready to try them. Ignore your inner critic and all of your outer critics. Ignore any judgments around those unbelievable ideas.”

“You can communicate through art, sometimes abstractly when familiar structure and definition would have perhaps choked your intended articulation. How do you see the subject? What speaks to you? How would you describe it in words? Trust yourself. Always follow your intuition first. It does not matter what art form you choose. Choose what excites you.”
Adapted from pages 174-175.

3. Reflection or Challenge

  1. Take a sitting or standing position.

  2. Using a soft lead pencil (2B, 3B or softer), or a black medium tip marker or conté, and a large sheet of paper (minimum size 11 x 17 inches), keep your hand moving, suggesting and mimicking movement.

  3. Stand and move your whole body, which accentuates responses (though that is not necessary).

  4. Feel the motion you are witnessing in your own body: feel droops; feel perky; feel jerky; feel power, feel shyness... strong strokes, dancing butterfly strokes, jagged, hurtful strokes. What type of stroke is it?

4. Closing: Appreciation

Close the meeting with an Appreciation Circle. Give each person a chance to say something they appreciate about the person to their left.