21 Day Happiness Habits Challenge
Day 1: Happiness is a Choice

1. Opening: Mindful Moment

Get inspiration here (PDF link)

2. Inspiration

Happiness is directly proportional to your belief in how much freedom of choice you have. The research proves that happiness is possible through intentional habit changes. It turns out that only 10% of our happiness is due to our external circumstances and a surprising 90% is based on our inner environment. We can all shift our happiness levels. Why? A full 40% of our happiness is influenced by our intentional daily activities and the CHOICES we make.

3. Reflection or Challenge

Challenge: For the next 24 hours, make a commitment to yourself to choose happiness. Write a few post-it notes to yourself of positive habits you want to build. Consciously track these happiness choice points throughout the day and at each juncture, consider whether your choice will make your future self experience more or less freedom. “When you make a choice you change the future.” – Deepak Chopra

4. Closing: Appreciation

Close the meeting with an Appreciation Circle. Give each person a chance to say something they appreciate about the person to their left.