The Story of Circles

We all want to be a little happier. But what if there was one change you could make to increase your self-esteem, empathy for others, and life satisfaction?

That one change? It’s meaningful social connection.

Does that surprise you? Did you know that self-reported loneliness in the US has risen to 40%? In a world of perceived connection, ‘friends,’ and ‘likes,’ Circles was created to inspire real connection and the support to expand your dreams.

Here at Project Happiness, we’re on a mission to give people tools to access happiness within themselves, and in turn spread it to others. In fact, Project Happiness was founded by Randy Taran, who was on a personal quest to help her daughter find the best ways to manage stress and depression. We pull from the pillars of positive psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience, and break them down to bite-sized tips so anyone can feel confident to find greater happiness.

Through Circles, genuine people from every corner of the world, meeting in person or online, are coming together and talking about important things. Circles is not designed to create more unnecessary meetings to occupy your time, but to tap into the groups that already exist in your life. We want to help you encourage each other in worthy goals, and to feel a little more connected to something bigger than you.

EnCircle yourself with happiness, through inspiring people and positive change. Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.

Circles Around the World
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